Bangladeshi Restaurant

Bangladeshi restaurant with a menu of regional specialties alongside curry house classics.Chotpoti, Fuska, Kacchi Biryani, Vuna Kichuri, Hilsha Fish and traditional Bangladeshi foods.


Samosa,Tandoori Chicken (1/4),Lamb Sheek Kebab
Prawn Puri,Halem.


Mix Bhorta,Deem Bhorta,Sutki Bhorta,
Aloo Bhorta.


Morogh Polao , Kachi Biriyani
Special Bhuna Khechury

Customer Reviews

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We went for a late lunch today and loved it. Really good food, competitive prices (set menu for 10 gbp) and nice service.

Maria Marco

Good: haleem and pani puri Bad: most items unavailable. Ordered the khichuri, got very few pieces of meat and they were mostly bones or fat.

Kaif Ul Majed